Kitchen Design Trends 2021 – Tips for the Spring Remodeling Season

Kitchen Design Trends 2021 – Tips for the Spring Remodeling Season

Today, we’re comparing 2021 kitchen trends in Maryville to the 2021 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, which published data from a survey of 2,014 U.S. homeowners on recent or planned kitchen renovation projects. In terms of kitchen design, there are three major trends in kitchen design that we are seeing.

The Houzz study indicates that U.S homeowners desire more storage, neutral hues, and statement-making backsplashes. Cornerstone Building Solutions finds certain patterns emerging in Maryville, with a few notable differences, based on design consultations with Maryville homeowners.

1. Kitchen Trend – Storage

With the modern changing trend, people are increasingly spending most of their time at home, which has boosted the need for updated kitchen storage. According to the Kitchen renovators, 94% of all remodels in 2020 are more focused on increasing the number of kitchen cabinets. Upgrading your kitchen storage capacity with the addition of extra cabinets helps you maintain your kitchen’s hygiene and keep it organized, allowing easy access to everything you need.

2. Kitchen Trend – Color Scheme

n modern renovations, neutral color schemes are quite popular. If you’d like to embrace the trend, stick to neutral hues like white, beige, and grey. Neutral hues can be helpful to give your kitchen a very clean and sophisticated look, allowing for some exciting splashes of color, such as barstools, hardware, or tiny gadgets. This third trend can either be incorporated into your neutral scheme or used as an option. You can always discuss this with expert home remodeling services in Marysville.

3. Kitchen Trend – Extended Backsplashes

Bank splashes can be an excellent choice to add some creativity and fun to your kitchen. In contrast to the strip of backsplash, they are in top trend this year since they are being used in cabinets. Today you have a luxury of limitless options to play around with in terms of color design and texture to give your kitchen a luxurious look. A remodeling expert at Cornerstone Building Solutions can help you choose the backsplash that best matches your design needs.

Tips and Inspiration for the Maryville Spring Remodeling Season

Inspired by the change in the season, Maryville residents are excited to give their residence a new look. Since the spring season is ideal for remodeling, renovating, and redesigning, let’s take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate the season and gear up for some central spring cleaning or some great spring improvements. The pleasant air of spring allows you to comfortably move the furniture in and out and give your home a new, refreshing look by hiring kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling Services In Marysville.

Maryville Spring Remodeling Tips

Add a Kitchen Island to Expand Your Storage and Dining Options

Adding a kitchen island won’t just have an increased storage option, but it also provides your family a comfortable gathering spot. Now it’s not impossible anymore to create enough space in your compact Maryville apartment. With our team of experts remodeling consultants, you can make this upgrade a reality! The functionality of your kitchen island may be customized in a variety of ways by adding different features ranging from a cooktop, a bar area or an extra sink, or a little of all three. If you wish to add a kitchen island to your home, you are required to consider following our next step.

Open Up A Room and Maximize Your Square Footage

With blooming flowers swinging all around in the fresh air, it’s the perfect time for a new beginning. An excellent way to make your home appear refreshed is to knock down a wall or two and open your kitchen into a living room or dining room. You may thrill yourself and improve your bedroom’s square footage by getting rid of that bulky storage cabinet. How about taking more ideas from Kitchen Remodeling Services In Marysville? Furthermore, large open flooring is always intriguing and offers your home a fresh and exciting look. Before you grab the sledgehammer, make sure you have permission and speak with a contractor, engineer, or architect to ensure the wall you’ve chosen isn’t load-bearing.

Bring On the Bright Colors

Bright natural hues will help you say goodbye to the winter blues! This year, neutral shades are becoming more fashionable for interior painting. Light grey and yellow-hued beige are in the top trend. If you are not ready to engage in a complete paint job, simply change old cushions and other decorative objects for light yellows, greens, or different bright colors. With these dramatic color change options, you will be able to portray your creativity and welcome a tremendous change to your home.

Update Your Bathroom with a Large Shower

Prepare for some self-care time by upgrading your bathroom and treating yourself to a spa treatment, as large walk-in showers are trendy these days and can be used to replace your tub. There are options for multiple showerheads, built-in storage, and even a tiny shower seat.


Renovating your kitchen not just enhances the value of your home, but it comes with some additional benefits. As an example, you might increase the capacity of your home while also adding a new place for you to enjoy the refreshed and elegant appearance of your home. Renovating your kitchen by hiring experienced Home Remodeling Services In Marysville is a fantastic approach to offer an ideal environment for your family while also having a fulfilling gathering time.

Usually, the kitchen is the main focus of people who are willing to purchase a home; a well-restored kitchen adds the possibilities of increased sales of your house. The kitchen and bathroom are considered two primary areas that define the amount of money you have invested in your house; buyers are more likely to make a house purchase. If they perceive that a significant amount of money has been invested in the property and there is no need for more investment. Cornerstone Building Solutions is intended to assist you in increasing the value of your Maryville property.

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